Green Energy Building

Reduce energy consumption, manage costs, minimize impacts on the environment and worker’s health and safety, and add value to your real estate with energy and green building services from TIOSH-INTERNATIONAL.

Our energy and green building expertise help you to achieve environmentally responsible goals through energy and resource efficiency strategies. It also allows you to ensure a safe working environment is offered to your employees and customers.

We provide solutions that will

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Manage costs
  • Minimize environmental impacts
  • Add value to real estate
  • Create a more comfortable and productive workplace

Our experts work with you to

  • Reduce operational costs by increasing energy and water efficiency
  • Increase market visibility and property value by achieving
  • internationally and/or locally recognized certifications
  • Showcase your commitment to the environment


  • Monitoring a building’s energy consumption and environmental impact
  • Using sensors and smart monitoring technologies to anticipate problems (natural hazards, land deformation)
  • Analysing a buildings’ surrounding natural (sun, soil, wind, water) and built (roads, local transportation) environment.
  • 3D and offsite construction 
  • Retrofitting existing buildings to improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and lessen negative environmental impacts. 
  • Determining a “go-to” renovation strategy (natural ventilation, renewable energy, smart grid applications)
  • Planning ‘green’ neighbourhoods, which use green technology and recycling practices to preserve the environment and improve public health and safety. 
  • Monitor and manage natural resources to assist in the site selection, design and operation of green buildings. Examples include mapping vulnerabilities like land deformation and landslides, identifying brownfields to build on, and positioning buildings to maximise natural ventilation. 
  • Map thermally inefficient buildings for renovation.
  • Monitor air quality in neighbourhoods.
  • Forecast energy production of renewable sources.
  • Guide UAVs taking thermal images for bad conductivity.
  • Geo-reference data from in-situ sensors and dedicated devices in order to support geospatial processing. 
  • SatNav also enables both tracking and timing services, which are fundamental in tracing the location of people and assets.
  • Enable IoT like smart grid applications. 
  • Enable machine health applications at construction sites. 


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